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Glacier AC Maintenance Plan

One-Time Maintenance - $105

ESP (Energy Savings Plan) - $150 per year

    • Cleans out drain line(s)
    • Cleans and waxes Condenser
    • Checks Pressures and Amp Draws (determines if system is low on Freon, etc.)
    • Checks ALL internal components (to assure everything is operating per factory spec. and determine if parts will need future needs/replacement)
    • Checks all Electrical/ Wire/ Terminal Connections
    • Cleans Leaves and Dirt out of Condenser
    • 2 Routine Maintenance’s during the year (only with ESP Plan)
    • 20% Discount on service/repairs/filters (only with ESP Plan)
    • Rust – proof undercoating of the Condenser (if requested for an additional charge)
  • **We offer a 10% discount to our military, police, teacher and firefighter affiliated for regular service.


    Glacier Air Conditioning Maintenance Program

    During our Routine Maintenance checks the technician completes a detailed inspection
    to assure the unit is running per factory specs so you as the customer feel worry-free.

    Tasks included in the Maintenance Program are:

    • Checking the Pressures (which determines the amount of freon in the unit
      – freon assures the unit is going to continue to cool and heat to the quality you
      choose – if the freon is low this means you have a leak that needs to be repaired)
    • Amp draws (which determines if the Fan or Compressor are working correctly)
    • Checking and tightening ALL electrical connections (assuring that they are secure)
    • Checking filter (we do NOT include a filter change in the program itself but if you
      would like to add filter changes throughout the year we can – if not, the technician
      will check the filter and alert you when it needs to be changed)
    • Checking all internal components (this includes the Capacitor, Compressor,
      Contactors, Controls and Fan – assuring the parts are in good working order
      condition and are not rusted or in need of repair)
    • Thermostat (assuring that the customer knows how to fully operate the thermostat
      and making sure the thermostat is up to date and functional)
    • Checking Supply and Return Temperatures (assures that the equipment is
      operating correctly)
    • Cleaning the Drain Line (consists of attaching a vacuum and flushing the PVC line
      to remove the gunk that builds up that could cause a clog that could leak back into
      the home)
    • Cleaning off Panels (allows the technician or future technicians to be able to read
      the model and serial numbers on the unit in case we need to order parts for repair)
    • Cleaning Air Handler coils (technician will spray a special made cleaner on coils
      and brush them lightly to remove dust and dirt)
    • Cleaning Condenser (this includes washing the dirt off the slab that the unit sits
      on, removing dirt and leaves out of the Condenser itself and physically cleaning
      the outside of the Condenser and adding a protective coating to the outside of the
      Condenser to protect against rust, weather conditions or salt water corrosion.

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