24/7 Hour Emergency AC Service – About Us

Cooling system emergencies can be a major hassle for people during the warmest and hottest times of the year. It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with an air conditioning system that simply refuses to work properly when outdoor temperatures are high. It can be just as stressful to deal with a unit that’s acting up in any way, too. Who wants to live with an air conditioner that’s excessively loud? Who wants to be around one that gives off unpleasant and persistent smells?

Glacier Heating and Air is a reputable St. Augustine, Florida business that makes handling cooling system problems easy and convenient. We accommodate the cooling system service needs of businesses and residences alike. Our company offers emergency cooling assistance that’s accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Homeowners who need midnight ac service in St. Augustine, FL can always turn to our responsive technicians. Business owners who need early morning ac service in St. Augustine, FL can do the same.

Glacier Heating and Air is a company that’s devoted to customer satisfaction. That’s why our emergency ac service is so prompt, efficient and patient. We assist customers with urgent needs of all sizes. If a customer has an air conditioning unit that simply refuses to give off cool air, we can help. If a customer has a unit that keeps making obnoxious and persistent noises all day and night long, we can help, too. There’s no ac service our team members cannot manage successfully.

People who want to know more about our 24-hour emergency ac service can always reach out to our staff. Our representatives are kindly, knowledgeable and helpful professionals. They can provide customers with dependable and high-quality ac service regardless of the hour. They can provide customers with reliable tankless water heater and general HVAC services at all times as well.