AC Maintenance | Signs Your Unit May Need A Tune-Up

Your A/C has been working extra hard this summer, keeping your home or business cool in the heat of the Florida sun. To keep the cool coming, your system needs routine ac maintenance. How can you tell its time to give your system a tune-up? Here are 4 signs that you need the AC maintenance St Augustine FL residents rely on.

  1. You have dust coming out of your A/C vents. When you turn the A/C on, you shouldn’t get a shower of dust. Dust has built up in your A/C air handler and ducts. You need an inspection and cleaning.
  2. Your monthly cooling costs keep rising. If your A/C is not running right, it has to work harder and longer to keep your home or business cooler. That drives up your cooling costs. Compare your cooling costs from month to month to see if there is a rise.
  3. You have strange odors coming from the vents. Mold and mildew cause a musty odor. A burning smell can indicate a burnt out wire. A rotten smell can come from a dead rodent in the vents. A routine maintenance visit can find the problem and fix it.
  4. Your A/C is making strange noises. Your unit should not be squealing, grating or grinding. If it is, something is getting worn out. A technician can check the system during a tune-up and find out what the problem is.
  5. Your A/C is turning on and off rapidly. This is known as short cycling. If your A/C is not working properly, it may turn off before the space reaches the optimal temperature. That causes the system to cycle rapidly, which wears out the system and drives up energy costs.

Each of these signs can indicate that you need to get your A/C tuned-up. Give us a call here at Glacier Heating and Air to get your appointment set. We offer the air conditioning maintenance St Augustine FL rely on.