Air Conditioning Services | Tips to Help Save Money on Cooling Costs


Air Conditioning Services | As the temperatures of summer rise, the thermostats come on and many of them will stay on for the entire summer. This brings expectations of increased energy bills. Elevated cooling bills are normal during the hotter months of the year. There are a few tips to help save on cooling costs.

1. Use a Ceiling-Fan

Turn on the ceiling fan in a room to help circulate the air throughout the room. Many modern ceiling fans have switches to change direction between winter and summer. While the fan won’t cool the entire home, it will help to move the air more efficiently.

2. System Maintenance

Energy efficiency in AC use involves the proper maintenance of the AC system. Make sure AC parts are properly maintained to help them to work as they should. This helps to alleviate cooling costs. Cleaning or replacing an AC filter monthly can reduce energy consumption by up to 15% in many homes. Professional air conditioning service professionals can assist with maintenance tips.

3. Avoid Heat Accumulation During the Daytime

Abstain from activities that cause the home to become overheated during the hottest temps of the day. Cooking, drying clothes or using the dishwasher can cause a space to become excessively overheated. Try doing these activities at night when the temp is lower. Other tips include to always use the stove-top exhaust fan when cooking and the bathroom exhaust fan during baths and showers. Both help to absorb heat from the space.

4. Close Window Treatments

Draw or close window treatments to prevent sunshine from entering the space. Blinds, curtains or shades should be drawn during the daytime to reduce the amount of solar heat that enters. Darkening shades have the potential to decrease heat acquisition by about 45%. Another approach is to choose shades or blinds of a natural or light color. They have the ability to better deflect rays from the sun.

Air conditioning service professionals can suggest various steps to take to naturally cool the home. This prevents the AC unit from working excessively throughout the entire summer. Call today 904-615-6881!