Air Conditioning Service | Most people don’t even tend to realize that the air inside their homes is filled with dust and impurities most of the times. There is a reason behind that ignorance. It is because we only associate impure air with the pollution in the outside environment. That’s not the case with indoor air quality. Even inside we can have harmful pollutants

There are several different medical issues associated with poor indoor air quality. Such as frequent headache, coughing sneezing, itchy skin, and allergies, etc. If you’re suffering from poor indoor air quality or any of the previous medical issues, it may be best to call an air conditioning service specialist.

How to Fix the Problem

The quality of indoor air is extremely important. Fortunately, companies like Glacier Heating and Air understand this. This is why they have launched a set of solutions to improve the quality of air you and your family breathe indoors.

What We Do?

We carefully examine the entire ventilation system at your place, while focusing on your ac repairs. Moving forward, our team tweaks the whole air-intake system of your air conditioner making the incoming air as pure as it could be.

How We Do It?

Our technicians take some of the top-notch air-filter products and install them at your place to ensure maximum safety against impure air. We also offer several other air conditioning services like installation and repairs in order to maintain the indoor air quality both at home and work.

Glacier Heating and Air is a high quality AC service company in St. Augustine, FL and surrounding areas. If you’re in need of air conditioning service, call Glacier Heating and Air to schedule an appointment. We stand behind a promise to give you the highest quality service at the fairest price.