Air Conditioning Service | When to Call an AC Repair Specialists

Air Conditioning Service | Air conditioning repair is something most would like to avoid at all costs. It is sometimes necessary to consult a repair tech. Professional installation, preventive maintenance and annual checks don’t always eliminate the need to have an air conditioner repaired.

It helps to know the signs that indicate an AC unit may need repair. These are a few tips to indicate that you may need to contact a professional AC repair company.

1. Air Not Cool

Failure to emit cool air is usually a primary indicator that the air conditioner needs repair. Setting the thermostat to its coldest setting still doesn’t blast cold air from the vents. It could mean several things such as low Freon or a failing compressor. Have the unit checked as soon as possible by a professional. Restrict use until it has been assessed to prevent further damage.

2. Weak Air Flow

If the air moving through the vents feels weak or almost non-existent, this could be a sign that the compressor is failing. Some spaces or rooms may be getting colder than others, which could be a sign of issues with the ductwork. Air conditioning repair is essential for any of these scenarios.

3. Moisture Collection

The system may begin to collect water or moisture around certain areas. This could be a sign of a leaky component. One of the most severe leaks involves the refrigerant. Leaking coolant could lead to serious illnesses for occupants of the space. Pools of water that collect near the AC unit could be a sign that the drain tube has a blockage or otherwise damaged. Immediate repair helps to prevent the growth or collection of mold which could use to health issues.

4. Unusual Sounds

Unfamiliar noises could be a sign that the unit needs to be repaired or replaced. It could be as simple as a broken part, but the possibility of severe issues can’t be overlooked. Broken belts, broken bearings or adding lube to dry metal components could potentially fix the problem.

Consult an air conditioning repair specialist if there are other signs exist within your AC system.  Call today 904-615-6881!