Air Conditioning Repair | Simple Mistakes that Lead to Costly AC Repair


Air Conditioning Repair | It should be as simple as turning on the AC unit to cool the space and turn it off when not needed. There is a bit more required to operate the unit more efficiently. You may be surprised to learn that many air conditioning repair calls could be prevented.

There are several errors or mishaps that lead to the AC unit failure. Here are a few ways to possibly avoid costly repairs.

1. Installing the Wrong Size Unit

Size really makes a difference when choosing an AC unit. A unit that is too small does not have the cooling power required to cool a space and can cause the unit to burn out quickly. Oversized units can essentially be just as defective in cooling the home. Professional repair specialists can perform calculations to help determine the best size unit for space.

2. Consistently Running the Operation

AC units are designed to last for years but running them 24-hours per day could cause it to default sooner than normal. Professional HVAC specialists can install and tests programmable thermostats. These can be set to cool the home a few hours prior to anyone entering the space or set it to a comfortable temperature prior to leaving. Consistent operation could lead to air conditioning repair costs that could have been avoided.

3. Lowering the Temperature

In an effort to cool the space faster, many will drop the temperature on the thermostat. Doing this does not cool the space faster. Instead, the unit works harder and less efficiently to cool the space. This causes an increase in energy costs when done consistently.

4. Failure to Perform Maintenance

It is crucial to perform regular maintenance checks on the AC unit. This is a preventive measure that helps extend the performance cycle. Annual maintenance checks performed by a professional air conditioning repair tech could prevent more serious problems before they occur.

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