Air Conditioning Installation | Air Conditioning Repair Tips for Older Houses

Air Conditioning Installation |  Older houses can be preserved and remodeled into beautiful homes. The molding, arches, and other traditional characteristics of the home are charming features. As charming as it may be, the old central air unit could make it less than comfortable.

In most cases, houses that were constructed prior to the introduction of central air. This means there are no ducts present in the wall and it is challenging for central air to be installed. An air conditioning repair specialists can give several options for cooling an older home.

Simple Solutions

Some obvious approaches that are quite simple include keeping curtains or shutters drawn on the side of the house that is exposed to the sun. They can be opened at nightfall when it is cooler outside. Plant shade-bearing trees or shrubs near the home to shield it from direct sunlight. Consider adding a sunscreen to open porches. Air conditioning repair professionals can conduct an energy audit on some houses. These audits reveal any leaks the house may have and provides an opportunity to shield them from the outside heat and cold weather.

Complex Solutions

It is challenging to install central air in a home without ducts but not impossible to cool the home. Air conditioning repair professionals suggest ductless mini-splits as an option that makes it possible to add air conditioning to an old house. This system operates as a single condenser on the exterior of the home. The refrigerant is transported by narrow tubes into blowers that cool the home. The condition of the home determines the number of splits used in the home. There could be up to four utilized with the ductless system. The cost of these systems is usually more expensive than a window unit but less cost than the installation of central air conditioning.


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