Dos and Don’ts for Effective Use of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Saving on energy costs is something every homeowner tries to do. Some of these tips may help save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills. What follows are some general dos and don’ts for managing your air conditioning unit efficiently.


  • Do schedule a professional air conditioning service before winter begins for your furnace, air conditioner, or tankless water heater in St Augustine, FL.
  • Clean or replace your air filter to ensure efficient operation.
  • Adjust your current thermostat settings as needed to accommodate the new season.
  • Do use ceiling fans and floor box fans to circulate cool air effectively throughout your living space.
  • Do inspect ductwork for leaks (a professional can do this for you too during a service call).
  • Do use a zoning system in your home, and your air conditioning professional can advise you on this. This allows different areas of the home to maintain different temperatures from other areas. So, for instance, if you want it cooler in the bedroom at night, that can be one zone separate from the rest of the house that doesn’t need to be as cool at night since you’re sleeping.


  • Don’t keep adjusting the temperature of your furnace or air conditioner, it just wastes energy. It’s better to leave it set at one temperature throughout the day, and pick a different temperature for night.
  • Don’t place your outdoor air conditioning unit in direct sunlight. This means it will have to work harder to operate. If you can, you can use plants to provide some sort of shading around it, as long as they’re not placed too close to the unit.
  • Don’t place thermostats near objects that give off heat, such as a television set or lamp. It’ll have to work much harder this way from the excess heat. In addition, don’t place it too close to a window either, as it may get a constant breeze, and it’ll think it’s cooler in the room than it really is.