Air Conditioner Service | Tips for Shutting Your AC Unit Off in the Fall

Air Conditioning Service | Once fall arrives and the leaves begin to change colors, the weather begins to cool down as well. For many parts of the country, this means it’s time to turn off the air conditioner and crank up the heat. This may be true but it should be done with caution to avoid damaging the unit.

You may find it necessary to turn the AC off around late September or October. There are a few key points to help you do so correctly. Air conditioning service specialists answer several calls each year due to owners failing to properly shut down the AC. To avoid entering the next spring or summer season with a defective unity, remember these tips.

Check your air filter. Typically, the air filter should have been checked throughout the summer. In some cases, it may have needed to be replaced. If the entire summer has passed and the filter hasn’t been checked, change it now.

Check the damper. It is important to check the damper of the humidifier to make sure it is set to “open.” Some dampers have a winter setting and should be set to this at the arrival of fall. Air conditioning service techs can help with this process if needed.

Set the thermostat of the humidifier. Make sure the controller for the humidifier is set to “on” and switched to the appropriate temperature.

Turn the AC breaker to off position. If your air conditioner unit has a cover, turn the breaker to the off position. This prevents any damage being caused to the system if the cover isn’t removed when warm weather returns.

Prior to completely shutting the AC unit off for the winter, air conditioning service specialists suggest starting the heating system to ensure it works properly. This is done by changing the setting to heat and adjust the setting until the heat kicks on. A burning smell is common when it is initialized, as it burns away the dust that may be located in the furnace.

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