Fall AC Service Tips in St Augustine, FL

Summers in Florida have extremely high temperatures, and as the fall period starts, the residents experience cold mornings followed by scorching heat during the day, with the temperatures reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

The extremely high fall temperatures mean you require skilled AC service St Augustine FL, technicians to offer to help for you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Owing to the sporadic temperatures from late September to late December, you will need the following fall air conditioner tips.

Program your Thermostat Automatically

Adjusting the AC thermostat so many times during the day is stressful. The adjustments can even spike your monthly utility bill. Yes, you changed the clock settings on your air conditioning system, but did you alter the thermostat settings? If you like automatic thermostat adjustments, check on your local AC service St Augustine, FL, company. Henceforth, you will stay cool throughout the fall without having to adjust the AC.

Install Ceiling Fans 

AC service St Augustine, FL, experts provide and install ceiling fans that homeowners can use to generate a cool fall atmosphere even when the temperatures hit the 80 degrees mark.

Natural Debris Surrounding the Condenser Unit

Dirt, weeds, leaves, or grime will build up around your condenser unit in summer. You desire the smooth flow of clean, cool air in fall. For an efficient HVAC system efficiency, an ac service St Augustine, FL, does the following:

  • Clean the inside of the furnace and AC.
  • Remove dirt on the AC coils, furnace block assembly, and fans.
  • Ensure that the battery backup and electrical connections run well.

Change the AC Filters 

You probably used the air conditioner in full blast mode during summer. If you did, replace the AC filters before the fall. Also, contact a professional to examine the HVAC equipment to ensure proper functionality.