AC Repair | Take These Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air

AC Repair | According to the EPA, The Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of indoor air can be up to 5 times dirtier than the air outdoors. This is especially unhealthy for people who have allergies or asthma. There are ways to improve the quality of your air indoors.

People who live in homes with poor or polluted air quality can suffer from respiratory illnesses. Their conditions can become worse or triggered due to the unstable air. This could lead to unnecessary medical costs, doctor visits, and possibly worse.

Here are a few suggestions from air conditioning repair techs that you may want to consider:

Destroy Dust Mites

Dust mites grow in wet and humid conditions. To get rid of or prevent them, vacuum the floors often and dust the furniture daily to decrease the build-up of dust. Cover mattresses with protective padding and wash bed linen in hot water weekly.

Enhance Ventilation

The home is designed to constantly circulate air throughout. You can ensure this happens under the best conditions by operating the hood fan over the stove when in use, utilizing the ventilator fan in restrooms, and always keep the vent blades open. When the weather allows, open the windows and doors to enhance circulation and decrease the occurrence of indoor contaminants.

Test for Contaminants

There are inexpensive testing kits available to check radon levels in the home. The quality of your indoor air is impacted by the environment that surrounds it. Professional air conditioning repair technicians can also perform this test. Once the test is complete, take the necessary or recommended steps to clear the air.

Change Air Filters

AC repair services recommend that you change your AC filters regularly. This not only helps your unit to operate more efficiently but also improves the quality of the air. A good air filter helps to trap dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. However, a clogged or dirty filter diminishes its effects tremendously. It is ideal to replace air filters at least every one or two months.

AC Repair technicians understand how crucial it is to have quality indoor air. They offer several solutions or recommendations to help owners maintain or improve the quality of their air. To set an appointment with Glacier Heating and Air, please call a qualified Customer Service Representative today at 904-615-6881.