AC Repair Service | Service Tips for Your Commercial Air Conditioner


AC Repair Service | Operating a business is a rewarding accomplishment. There are several components involved with making sure the business operates successful. One component that is often overlooked is the heating and cooling system. The importance of it is rarely considered until the unit fails. Employees, clients, and customers should be comfortable when inside the business. A unit that operates poorly will make it difficult to maintain proper levels of comfort.

Here are a few tips from air conditioning service techs to ensure your commercial air conditioner functions properly.

Avoid Overloading the Unit

Summer months can be extremely hot. As hot as it may be, resist setting the thermostat too low. Doing so will not permit the office or business to cool down any quicker. However, it will place a tremendous strain on the unit. Air conditioning service professionals recommend setting the unit to a comfortable setting and leaving it on that setting. It keeps the space cool and prevents fluctuation of the utility bill.

Follow Regular Service Maintenance Tips

Most businesses operate their AC units year-round. This requires maintenance service checks to be performed on a more regular cycle than residential units. The service checks help to identify issues before they result in strenuous conditions that may force business to slow down or end completely until the air conditioner is repaired or replaced.

Prevent the Condensing Unit from Becoming Obstructed

Many businesses may unknowingly block the condensing unit with large pieces of furniture. This prevents the unit from bringing air in and can place a strain on the unit. AC repair service specialists can check placement of furniture to ensure it isn’t blocking this component. The condensing unit should be left unblocked to allow maximum cooling capabilities by the AC unit.

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