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AC Pump | AC Heat Pump Repair/Replacement

AC Pump | Heating at home accounts for more than 60 per cent of a home’s energy cost which makes them the best place to look for savings with spiraling energy cost.

residentialConventional Electrical Heating

Some conventional electrical heating can be 100 per cent efficient. If you put one kilowatt of electricity into an electric heater, you get one kilowatt of heat out. So, as long as the heat isn’t being wasted, you may assume the only way to make savings is to turn the heater down.

Heat Pump v Conventional Electrical Heating

With heat pump air conditioning, as an alternative form of electrical heating, it can give you more than 3 times the efficiency of a conventional electrical heating.  This means, if you put one kilowatt of electricity into a heat pump, you get at least 3 kilowatt of heat out.

Inverter Heat Pump

Even better is the Inverter air conditioning  with heat pump which pumps out over three times more energy than the traditional heat pumps, in the form of heat, than they consume. Impossible? Not at all. The pump simply transfers the heat from somewhere else. They pump warm air from the air outside into the house – hence the term ‘heat pump’.

How Does a Heat Pump Work

Conventional heaters power is converted into heat whilst heat pumps power the pump that circulates the liquid through the system. It works the same way as your refrigerator. The heat pump in your fridge takes the warm air from inside the fridge and releases it outside which is why the back of your fridge is warm. And it continues to work even when the inside is colder than the outside.

The heat pump air conditioning warms the home the same way. Even on cold days, the heat pump can extract warm air from the cold air outside and transfer it into a heated room, just as your fridge keeps extracting heat from your freezer even when it’s below zero. The heat pump can still warm your home when the air outside is at zero degree.

Heat Pump also an Air Conditioning

As if that isn’t enough, heat pumps can be ‘reversed’ to provide cooling on hot days in the summer. Say air conditioning to most people and they will think of big noisy boxes, but they are a thing of the past. A modern inverter air conditioning runs as quietly as a desktop fan. At as low as 28 decibels, it’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Cost of Heat Pumps

Heat pump uses electricity needed to run a one-bar heater and converts it into the heat output of a four-bar heater. Therefore the running cost is less than half that of gas or traditional electric heating.

Heat pumps cost more to install than conventional electric heaters but they pay for themselves with running costs that are about half those of gas or electric heating and less than a fifth of an LPG heater. Heating in winter, cooling in summer, they also filter the air to remove irritants like pollen and dust, see our Plasma Air Conditioning – and they work as dehumidifiers as well. You can save on costs of buying several different units, making a domestic heat pump air-conditioner a very cost effective package during the credit crunch.

Heat pumps’ impact on the environment

The heat pump is also less harmful to the environment. It doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. Carbon dioxide and other gas and water vapour emissions are often regarded as a major drawback of solid fuel and gas heating.

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