AC Repair St. Augustine | Winter Tune Ups

AC Repair St. Augustine | Winter Tune Ups

How Air Conditioner Winter Tune-Ups in St Augustine, FL, help You

When the cold winter season starts, you need an air conditioning maintenance St Augustine FL technician to ensure that your AC functions appropriately. By providing air conditioning service St Augustine companies can help to keep your home comfortable and warm when the temperatures dip to the lowest levels. Throughout the winter, your pipes can get cold and sometimes freeze. With the help of Glacier Heating and Air you can ensure that your air conditioning unit stays in top shape throughout the winter months. AC maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioning unit healthy. Glacier Heating and Air is a top notch company with quality technicians. Call today to schedule your ac maintenance with Glacier HVAC.

What happens during the AC maintenance St Augustine FL exercise? 

Qualified HVAC contractors offer the following winter tune-up services of your heating and cooling appliances.

  • Adjusting and cleaning the burner assembly.
  • Cleanup of the heat exchanger.
  • Monitoring your AC flue draft
  • Lubricating all the AC moving parts.
  • Removing dirt from the filters or replacing the filters.
  • Adjusting the operating pressures.
  • Cleaning the air conditioner ignition assembly
  • Ensuring that the AC can affect temperature changes
  • Checking the gas supply for any leaks


When you need air conditioning maintenance in St. Augustine FL that locals can count on for affordability, our firm won’t let you down. Our cooling system air conditioning repair services are budget-friendly. They’re perfect for customers who are constantly searching for incredible value. Call Glacier Heating and Air today to make an appointment. Our 24-hour answering service company is always open. We offer prompt emergency air conditioning maintenance assistance, too. If you need ac repair in St. Augustine, FL, call Glacier Heating and Air.